Industry Hubs
An Industry Hub is a city, province or a country which specializes in hosting a large number and variety of manufacturers, vendors and/or suppliers. These vendors, manufacturers and/or suppliers specialize in designing, modeling and manufacturing specific types of products. has dedicated sections to promote companies, services and those products related to your industry.
Agriculture & Food
Industry Hubs in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mediterranean countries. India is famous for the production of Basmati rice because of its fragrance and delicate flavor. 90% of the world's Olive Oil comes from Mediterranean countries, such as Spain, Italy and Greece.
Auto & Transportation
Industry Hubs in Mainland China, India, Taiwan, Japan. Ludhiana (India) is Asia's largest hub for the manufacuring of bicycles. The city produces more than 50% of India's bicycles, accounting for more than 10 million bikes each year.
Automobiles & Motorcycles
Industry Hubs in Germany, US, UK, Japan, South Korea, India, China, Thailand. Used cars are mostly exported to Europe, US, Japan, China, South Korea. Inexpensive motorcycles can be found in China, Thailand and India.
Business Services
Industry Hubs in Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai. With the convenience of sea and air ports and the development of information technology, India has over 700 companies specializing in logistics, design, IT services, agent and financial services.
Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecom
Industry Hubs in Dubai (UAE). The sale of electrical products amounted to around US $40 billion last year and the sales volume is still increasing every year.
Industry Hubs in Bangalore (India) and China. There are over 1,500 IT companies located in Bangalore. The IT industry exports up to US $ 2.6 billion of products a year. This accounts for over a third of India's total software exports. The major trading port city of Shenzhen(China) is a major manufacturing base for Consumer Electronics
Gifts & Crafts
Industry Hubs in India, Peru, Vietnam. Moradabad (India) is a major industrial and export hub. Moradabad's Handicrafts industry accounts for more than 40% of India's Handicraft exports.
Gifts, Sports & Hobbies
Industry Hubs in India, Pakistan. Jalandhar (India) is a major manufacturing hub of Sports products. Sialkot (Pakistan) is the world's largest producer of hand-sewed footballs. Local factories manufacture between 40-60 million footballs a year, accouting for roughly 70% of the world's football production.
Health & Beauty
Industry Hubs in India, South Korea, Europe and China. Chennai (India) is famous for its Hair Extensions and Wigs. It has the largest industrial and commercial center there and competitive prices. 28% of China's annual exports of Hair Extensions and Wigs come from Qingdao
Home, Lights & Construction
Industry Hubs in Asian and European countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey and China. Italy is famous for modern Furniture products. Indonesia is a key exporter of Wooden Furniture, especially Teak & Rattan Furniture Foshan is famous for manufacturing and exporting Furniture products.
Jewelry, Bags & Shoes
Industry Hubs in India, Thailand, Indonesia and North America. The Indian Subcontinent, Thailand, Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries are well-known for the production and export of Jewelry products
Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools
Industry Hubs in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, China, India. Hi-Tech Machinery is exported from Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Taiwan. Agricultural Machinery can be found in China, India, Pakistan and Turkey.
Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics
Industry Hubs in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia. 93% of the world's Rubber production comes from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. The Asia Pacific region shows an increased demand by consumers for Rubber & Plastic products.
Packaging, Advertising & Office
Industry Hubs in India and China. Currently we have Office & School Industry Hubs in Delhi. The main products are Notebooks and Pens. Over 30% of China's total stationery exports come from Ningbo.
Raw Processed Materials
Industry Hubs in Indonesia, Brazil. In recent years, with the rapid global demand for Coal has grown and market prices continue to rise as well. The Asia Pacific region accounted for more than 70 % of Indonesia's Coal exports, followed by Europe and the Americas.
Apparel, Textiles & Accessories
Industry Hubs in China, South East Asian countries, India, Pakistan. Lower labor costs and good customer support within southeast Asia, as well as in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, make the prices of exported good more competitive. Some of these countries have particular advantages, such as OEM service in Bangladesh, low costs of the domestic supply of Cotton in Pakistan.
Security & Protection
Currently, there is gloves industry hub in Sialkot, Pakistan
Currently, there is knife industry hub in Wazirabad, Pakistanwe

Featured Industry Hubs

Apparel & Textiles

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Turkey's economic and cultural heart
  • Manufacturing sector contributes to 80% of Istanbul's total exports
  • Main products: Lingerie, Underwear, Dresses, Suits, Carpets and Bedspreads


North India

  • Most popular foodstuff originating in India
  • Basmati rice - famous for its fragrance and delicate flavor

Hair Extensions & Wigs

Chennai, India

  • Largest industrial and commercial centre in South India
  • Mainly exports to North America
  • Competitive pricing